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Cardiac Cycle


The cardiac cycle is the sequence of events that take place when the heart beats. A single cycle can be divided into two phases, systole and diastole.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this module, you will be able to:
- Locate various blood vessels entering and leaving the heart.
- Identify the type of blood each blood vessel carries.
- Remember the location from which blood vessel carries the blood to understand the stages of cardiac cycle.
- Locate the nodal tissues.
- Recall the sequence of travel of electrical impulse in the heart.

Keywords Superior Vena Cava , Inferior Vena Cava , Right Atrium , Left Atrium , Right Ventricle , Left Ventricle , Aorta , Pulmonary Artery , Pulmonary Vein , Bicuspid Valve , Tricuspid Valve , SA Node , AV Node , Atrial Systole , Aortic Valve , Pulmonary Valve , Bundle Of His , Purkinje Fiber , Ventricular Systole , Joint Diastole , Ventricular Diastole
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