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Appendicular Skeletal System


The human skeletal system is categorized into two types: the axial skeletal system and the appendicular skeletal system. The appendicular skeletal system is comprised of the bones of girdles, pectoral and pelvic, and the bones of the hands and legs.

Learning Objectives:

After completing this module, you will be able to:
- Identify and name the shapes of the bones of the human appendicular skeletal system.
- Locate those bones in the human appendicular skeletal system.
- Assemble those bones to construct and complete the human skeleton.

Keywords Pectoral Girdle , Scapula , Clavicle , Humerus , Radio-ulna , Carpals , Metacarpals , Phalenges (hand) , Pelvic Girdle , Coxal Bone , Ilium , Pubis , Ischium , Femur , Patella , Tibia-fibula , Tarsals , Metatarsals , Phalenges (Feet)
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Domain STEM
Topic Code SS100017
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